The SteriPath blood culture collection system is comprised of 3 key aspects:

The Device

SteriPath is a vacuum-assisted blood collection system that diverts and sequesters contaminants from the initial blood sample specimen.

SteriPath System
21 gauge butterfly needle

21 gauge
butterfly needle

23 gauge butterfly needle

23 gauge
butterfly needle

Luer configuration

Luer configuration

SteriPath ships in 3 different configurations and is compatible with standard blood collection tubes and culture bottles made by BD and bioMerieux, as well as certain Trek products.

The Sterile Package

The system is sealed in a single-use package that serves as a portable sterile field during the blood culture procedure.

A pre-assembled unit, standard butterfly needle included

Device packaged as a pre-assembled unit

Packed single-use tray

Packed in a single-use tray

Sealed and fully sterilzed

Sealed and fully sterilized

The Procedure

A number of evidence-based blood culture collection best practices are built into the system. The physical design of the SteriPath system ensures compliance with published guidelines.

system sterile field

Maintain a sterile field

Following skin preparation, the device tray can be used as a portable sterile field.

steripath system venipuncture

Perform Venipuncture

Venipuncture is performed following standard practice.

steripath system diversion


Initial specimen of blood is diverted and sequestered with a single push.

blood system collection


Once the device is fully actuated, blood culture bottles are inserted into the transfer adaptor to collect samples, as per instructed use. Following blood culture collection, other samples can be drawn as needed for additional tests.